Automation is defined as the use of machines or computers instead of people to do a job, especially in a factory or office. 

Ask yourself, after you implemented your current  system, are you and your staff, performing fewer tasks in less time? That is exactly what the Law Suite is built to do; your work. 

Automating Tasks

Take the task of sending a fax to a court. How many steps are involved?  

A possible,  if not common,  work flow might be: 1) Pull up stationary on your computer, type 2) address, 3) names, and 4) details. 5) Look up details of the case, 6) compose and 7) edit the letter. 8) Print and 9) sign letter. 10) Lookup fax number and either 11) send it from your computer or run it through a fax machine. 12) Receive and file delivery confirmation.

Law Suite is dramatically faster and easier. Click on a new document, edit if needed. Click send, click to confirm.  Maybe 15 seconds. Watch the Video. 

How? Once you are in a client’s case, the Suite knows everything it needs to fill out the letter, addresses, and info. It has your letterhead and signature. It can create PDF. And the Suite is a fax machine. It automatically saves documents and records. It’s not only faster, the end result is more reliable and consistent. 

Another example, you have to email a form to a client. 

Maybe you open the form word  template, change the names, addresses, save it as a pdf. Open up your email and create a new email. Maybe you write a new message, maybe you copy and paste the message, or maybe you use canned responses in gmail.  Then you click send. 

Law Suite is click on template, click send, click to confirm. Maybe 15 seconds. Watch the Video

How? Law Suite customizes the form, saves it as pdf, and attaches it to the email. It customizes the email, addresses it, puts on your signature, and sends it. 

Streamlining Complex Processes

As illustrated in the above examples, Law Suite can make accomplishing tasks comically easy. When we employ several of the Suites features simultaneously, the benefits tend to magnify. 

Law Suite’s first job was to transform a client intake process. The existing system required over 21 steps and 3 separate programs. It took a practiced paralegal about 20 minutes to complete. Most lawyers lacked the technical skill and training to properly complete all the steps. In standard cases, Law Suite reduced the completion time to under one minute and it may be completed by anyone. 

On a busy day, the time savings from just this process could reach and exceed 4 hours. Now, the job of intaking clients has largely evaporated in the firm. Lawyers complete the simple  intake process before hanging up the phone with the new client. Read about Intaking Clients 30x Faster. 

Law Suite is not the tool you reach for to keep track of events and store files.

It is the tool you reach for when you need to change your life.  

Failing to Automate is Costly 

With efficiencies of this magnitude, 2 people might be able to do the work of 4 or 5. Simultaneously, clients should be pleased with the professional, frequent, and informative communications from your firm. This can lead to repeat business and positive reviews. That often leads to new business. Costs decrease and revenue increase.

The example above  is real, let’s see how much it costs to not use the Suite:

  • 5-15 new clients a day
  • 20 minutes per client

That’s 1.66 hours  – 5 hours per day of someone’s time. Approximate total cost of one hour of staff $25. That means the cost of the client intake process was $41.5 to $125, per day.  

Average of 20 work days per month and the cost is $830 – $2,500. Now we are into rent like numbers. 

Get Started With Us

We will work with each firm, in a personal and detailed manner to ensure Law Suite works wonders. For all but the swiss watch precise practice,  savings dramatically exceeding the cost of the system appear inevitable. And since we won’t charge you until you love it. There is no risk.