One click to create the document, edit if needed. 2) Click again to send the fax and 3) once more to confirm sending a fax. The fax is written, sent, and filed 15 seconds into this video.

The remaining 37 seconds of the video shows that you have:

  • Created and faxed a signed customized letter to the court,
  • Saved the fax in the file,
  • Sent the client an email update of the event,
  • Set an alert to write a letter in a couple weeks, and,
  • Set an alert to check in with the court in couple weeks.

Setting up a letter to do all of this takes just a few minutes. Spending a few minutes to save hours and days is a tidy return on investment.

Law Suite is automation, and with it, your firm will have fewer tasks to complete and things will be easier. There is no other law practice software with built in fax capabilities. Nothing communicates like Law Suite.