Since deploying Law Suite in a high volume practice, that firm has saved the firm the amount of money it would pay a full time paralegal or legal secretary in over 6 months. 

The work is now also more professional and consistent than ever before. 

These gains are only from automating the client intake process. Total gains are far greater.

Before Law Suite

While the existing client intake process was well designed, fairly consistent, it unavoidably had too many tasks.

Tasks to Intake new Client
  1. Create client contact in Google Contacts
  2. Create client folder
  3. Name folder “Doe, John 1180 Syracuse CC”
  4. Create letter of representation in Word
  5. Customize rep letter including address, names, charges, etc.  
  6. Name rep letter
  7. Save rep letter as PDF
  8. Fax rep letter to court
  9. Open waiver template in Word
  10. Customize waiver including address, names, charges, etc.
  11. Name wavier
  12. Save waiver as PDF
  13. Open email program
  14. Compose new email
  15. Open document containing email templates
  16. Paste intro email
  17. Customize intro email – names, charges, license state, etc.
  18. Attached waiver to new email
  19. Add subject line to email
  20. Address email to client
  21. Send email
Programs Involved
  1. Web Browser or Outlook (Email and Contact)
  2. Word Processor (Word or WordPerfect)
  3. Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Time to Complete
  1. Experienced Secretary: 15 – 20 minutes
  2. Novice Secretary: 20 minutes more or less
  3. Lawyers:  Unable to complete

Firm saved tens of thousands of dollars. Their intake process is now fast, easy, uniform, and accessible to all.

With Law Suite

  1. Enter essential client and case information.
  2. Create and send fax rep letter to court with a few clicks.
  3. Create and send email to client with consent form attached, link questionnaire, and link to their state’s DMV with a few clicks.
Programs Involved
  1. Law Suite 
Time to Complete
  1. Experienced Secretary:  1 minute or less
  2. Novice Secretary: 1 minute or less
  3. Lawyers:  1 minute or less

How Law Suite Did It

  • The new email template instantly loads all the text, links, and attachments needed with a click or edit as needed. Names, numbers, addresses, and other idiosyncratic details just appear, automatically.
  • To email the waiver document, the Suite auto-created, customized, and attached the waiver to the email as PDF. 
  • The new client questionnaire, previously included in the email body, is now done online via a link in the client email.  Responses are automatically added to the file. No more search, copy, paste, and saving of client responses embedded in email.
  • To direct out-of-state clients to links to obtain their driving record. The firm had a spreadsheet and manually edited and pasted the link into the email. Now, the link just appears based on the license state selection in the client contact information.