An Automatic Alert is an automatically created calendar event. They keep your cases moving and prevent you from forgetting anything.  We built this feature to help us sleep better at night.  

For example: 

  • Adding a complaint to the file creates an alert for 20 days to serve an answer.
  • Sending a letter to the client creates an alert to call the client in 7 days.

Each case  has an alert manager to keep track of that case. And there’s a calendar that holds all the alerts for the firm. Once we have the alerts figured out, clearing the alerts for the day ensures you’ve tended your caseload. Nothing missed, nothing late, peace of mind. 

Problems Alerts Solve 

Problem: Frequently enough courts have missed a faxed  letter of representation for whatever reason. 
Solution: Verify Representation Alert. This alert is automatically created 14 days after we fax the letter of representation to the court. It is created by the fax  and It prompts us to check the case to ensure the court has acknowledged our letter of representation.

Problem: Most cases do not require an appearance but we have to adjourn them until we have a resolution.
Solution: Adjourn Case Alert. This alert is scheduled for 7 prior to the next court date. When we add the adjournment notice to the file, we quickly enter the date. That act creates the alert.  

Problem: We need to write a letter to the prosecutor for each case. 
Solution: The letter of representation sent at the beginning of each case creates an alert to write the letter in 21 days.  

Don’t Do Things a Machine Will

With Automatic alerts, your firm will spend no time to schedule, tickle, or remind anyone about anything in the normal course of practice. Just by doing necessary and mundane acts in the Suite you will generate all the alerts you will need to successfully complete your cases.