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nBrane: Finding a Better Way

I’m Seth Azria, co-founder of nBrane, managing partner of a law firm, and practicing lawyer for almost 15 years. I’ve always searched for a better way. Since law school, I have relentlessly searched for easier, faster, and more rewarding ways to practice.

The nBrane development team, anchored by co-founder Oliver Hine, a world class web engineer, ended the search for a better way to practice with Law Suite.

After nearly five years of development, use, testing, and redevelopment in my law firm, Law Suite is ready for others. 

Law Suite has unparalleled communication, organization, and document creation capabilities. It has run my firm for four years and it has enabled the few to do the work of the many and has made the impossible routine. 

We think the Suite’s capabilities are unique and striking. We have  worked very hard and will continue to improve the Suite.

Thank you for being here on the ground floor. 

Firms We Are Looking For

We are now looking for 10-15 firms to test drive Law Suite. The nBrane team will work closely with each firm to develop their Law Suite instance and ensure their success. 

There is no risk. There will be a free trial period. Because the Law Suite is a standalone product, your firm may run the Law Suite in parallel with existing systems or deploy it for specific practice areas during the trial period. 

Law Suite is a good fit for firms that:

  • Create, files, and stores voluminous documents, email, or forms.
  • Take cases that are completed in discrete steps according to a schedule.
  • Often send faxes. 
  • Often use email to communicate with clients and others.  
  • Often use standardized forms.
  • Collect information from clients or others using any type of questionnaire.
  • Is looking to reduce the number systems required to service clients. 
  • Often create case reports for clients or others. 
  • Often send notifications or confirmations to clients or other parties. 
  • Want to be hired online and accept credit cards.
  • Think SMS text might be a good way to communicate with clients.