Automate & Streamline
Your Law Practice

Law Suite Features

Cloud-Based Case Management

Law Suite® is web-based system delivered to your firm over the internet as a dedicated secure website. This model, as opposed to installing software on a computer, is called Software as a Service, “SaaS”, the benefits are numerous:

  • Lower Costs. Pay for what you need, no need to install software.
  • Rapid Scalability. Just give a new user an account and you’re up and running.
  • Work anywhere. You can sign in from anywhere with internet, no VPN required.
  • Updates and Maintenance.  nBrane takes care of this, all you do is sign in and work.

And your Law Suite website will have your logo.  

Legal Documents, Reimagined

The Suite’s Document Manager is extraordinary. From a simple and straightforward text box, Law Suite creates and sends finished documents.

Document Manager’s total capabilities are roughly equivalent to a combination of:

  • Computer File folder,
  • Email program, e.g. Outlook,
  • Fax machine,
  • Word processor, e.g. Word, and, 
  • PDF creator, e.g. Acrobat.

The Doc Manager stores all documents, letters, and emails it creates and whatever you upload with easy drag and drop.

Time Tracking & Automatic Billing

Easily record expenses, flat rate, and time to a client’s bill. Create beautiful invoices effortlessly. Email those invoices to the client. Client clicks to pay online with a credit card. Accepting credit cards is built into the Suite in several convenient ways.

Bill time automatically from calls and common tasks.

  • Click to call client. Without dialing the phone, you spoke to the client, made a record of it in the case file, and entered the time on the client’s bill – coming soon. 
  • Type an email to a client and have the time entered on their invoice – coming soon.
  • Upload mail to the file, automatically enter time to the invoice – coming soon.

There are many ways to leverage these features to your benefit, and are dedicated to finding all the best for you.

Complete Communications

Calls, faxes, emails, and text; the Suite is the only law firm software that does it all. This makes the extremely useful easy to accomplish.

  • Imagine if typing “attach.consent” in an email caused Outlook to pull the consent form from your files, customize it with all the details for your case, convert it to PDF, and then attached it to your email. With Law Suite, you don’t have to imagine, it’s real. Video: Send a Form: Effortlessly
  • What if your phone automatically added the duration of your call to the client’s bill? What if you never had to dial a phone number, just click? How about an automatically compiled list of the calls made in a case complete with duration, caller/callee, date and time? This is what Law Suite does. 

We expertly tailor these and many other tools to your practice. You’ll save, enjoy, and profit.

Information Consolidated

All practice management software should enable you to easily find your cases, client information, court dates, files, phone calls, notes, and email. Law Suite meets and exceeds this standard.

Because Law Suite does more than any other software, it naturally contains more records and information. We link together that data, and set it to act on each other in stunningly effective and creative ways.

For example, the revolutionary Document Manager creates documents like Word or Acrobat, emails them like Outlook, faxes them, holds your receipts, questionnaire responses, and others. It can also set calender alerts and send email notifications, automatically.

With Law Suite, you can accomplish a rediculous amout with a click.

Automatic Alerts & Calendaring

Determine protocols, processes, and training and let the Suite help. For example:

  • You fax a representation letter. The Suite sets two alerts, 1) to call the court in 10 days, and 2) follow up client in 4 days.
  • You upload correspondence. The Suite notifies the lawyer there is something new.
  • You upload an adjournment letter from a court. The Suite sets an alert to adjourn the case 7 days prior to the next date.

All alerts display on one calendar, telling you exactly what needs to be done and shows your people how. Never forget a deadline again.

Easy File Storage & Recall

Drag and drop files into the system. No need for special file names, the Suite is organized by default.

The Suite’s search and filter features make it easy to find clients, courts, county, and  lawyers. Search words with partial information so your spelling need not be precise.

  • Need to see all your cases in a particular court or county? No problem.
  • How about all the cases your partner is handling? No Problem.
  • Check a box to show only your cases. 

Get Hired Online

Visitors wishing to retain you can do so entirely online. They complete required case information, pay online with a credit card, and receive a receipt. 

The Suite emails you that you have a new client and saves the records to the client’s file.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

The Suite accepts all major credit cards in a number of ways:

  1. Members of your firm can take credit cards on their computer.
  2. Visitors to your website can pay you online.
  3. Credit card payments may be applied to invoices.

All the files and records are recorded and filed in the clients case.

    Questionnaires: Gather and Use Information

    There is simply no easier way to collect and use information. Build questionnaires with the Suite’s easy to use form builder. Email a link to the questions to a client and their responses automatically appear in the file.

    You can also include those responses in any other document in the Suite. Can be helpful to include responses as a reference inside of other documents you are drafting.

    Contact Management

    The Suite stores your contacts in convenient categories you define. Easily add them to a case enable call, email, and include their details in your emails, letters, forms, etc. automatically.

    Each piece of information is entered in the Suite only once. After that, it appears everywhere you need it automatically. Forms, pleading captions, letters, emails, everything completely customized the instant you create it.