A Platform is a set of tools or capabilities that all work together to help you deliver legal services.

To run a law practice, lawyers must create documents, deliver documents, schedule events, send faxes, bill clients, collect fee, make calls, and and number of other functions.

You can use different systems for each task and tie them together as best as they can. Or you can adopt the Suite platform to dramatic results.

A Common Approach 

To send a fax, you may use a word processor to create a letter and customize case information, a printer to sign the letter, a fax machine to send the fax, and then a file folder to save the sent fax.

Paperless offices may do a digital version of this process. But either way there are several steps and plenty  of  avoidable extra work.

Law Suite Platform

Log into the Suite, click on the letter you want to fax. Edit as need. Click send.

Having all capabilities in one place means we can all make them work together to help you get the job done.