Tokens represent information contained elsewhere in the Suite that automatically replace with case-specific information. For example, if I am the attorney of record on the case, the token [Lawyer.FullName] would replace with Mr. John Q. Lawyer. 

The Suite uses dozens of tokens to make information appear wherever we need it. You type information like, names, address, dates, numbers, location exactly once. 

Tokens Deliver an Immediate Benefit

With the Suite’s advanced token system, your firm will save nearly all, or all, the time previously spent on addressing, editing, or making all your letters, pleadings, headings, and other documents case-specific. 

We sill show you how to slash labor costs by resetting the bar for the work humans have to do.

Tokens Make Powerful Form Books

Enter your documents into the Law Suite once.  in about the time it takes to edit that form you now have a complete document for every client you have in the Suite.  

Think about how much time people in your firm spend replacing names, address, phone numbers and other repetitive information. With Law Suite your people will be more effective even if only because no-one will have to do that again. 

Tokens Work for You Everywhere

Tokens work throughout the Suite. In the Document Manager, including titles for the templates, in Alerts and Notifications, including the descriptions. There are tokens to represent questionnaire responses so you can literally insert a response, either as it or as something more formal via a variable token. 

Tokens are Easy to Use

Tokens allow you to write an often used letter or document once and then reproduce it flawlessly for all of your cases. Of course, we will consult and assist our clients to use tokens and we maintain support library of easy to use articles and instructions.