Law Suite Is Your firm’s

Full Case Automation & Management Platform

From your first client call to case-closed, Law Suite is the only full case automation & management platform that can produce, manage and send documents and email from a single easy-to-use application. Manage your entire law practice, it’s clients, court dates, alerts, automated messaging, payments, communications and more!

Law Suite makes it easy to run a firm.

Did that headline make you laugh out loud? If so, get excited – you’re about to learn how easy it can be to automate all your electronic communications, create & send documents, schedule court appearances, accept payments and more.

What is most important to you in law office software?

Chances are we have you covered.

Law Suite Features

Cloud-Based Case Management

Law Suite® is web-based system delivered to your firm over the internet as a dedicated secure website sporting your logo. 

Legal Documents, Reimagined

From a simple and straightforward text box, Law Suite creates and sends finished documents and email to courts, clients & more.


Time Tracking & Automatic Billing

Easily record expenses, flat rate, and time to a client’s bill. Create beautiful invoices effortlessly & process automatic payments.

Complete Communications

Calls, faxes, emails, and text; the Suite is the only law firm software that does it all.

Information Consolidated

Law Suite enables you to easily find & manage your cases, client info, court dates, files, phone calls, notes, and email.

Automatic Alerts & Calendaring

Determine your automated protocols & procedures, then let Law Suite notify you as your case progresses or needs review.

Easy File Storage & Recall

Drag and drop files into the system. No need for special file names, the Suite is organized and searchable by default.

Get Hired Online

Visitors wishing to retain you can do so entirely online. The Suite handles the process from incoming lead to payment.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

The Suite accepts all major credit cards with direct entry, web-based payments and invoicing payments.

Questionnaire Manager

There is simply no easier way to collect and use information. Build questionnaires with the Suite’s easy to use form builder.

Contact Management

Stores your contacts in convenient categories. Easily manage their cases, info & communications.

Whatever is a mile and a half past awesome is what this isThere is nothing like generating, editing, reviewing, and sending  documents without leaving the application.  I’ve never come accross anything more convenient and useful in the law office. It is classy, sleek, and highly functional.

Honorable David C. Bruffett, Jr.

Judge, Lawyer, Law Suite User

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