Firm was Inundated with Client Requests

Many clients called or emailed the firm to confirm the receipt of a document or email. or for routine progress. Responding to numerous requests was time consuming.

Law Suite Turns That Problem into a Strength

Law Suite was easily configured to solve this problem by automatically emailing the client a custom notice that the item had been received. The Suite can use the completion of required tasks, like uploading a file or writing a letter, to trigger these notifications. The clients were happy and the phone calls subsided dramatically.

Rather than request updates, clients thanked the firm for them.

Outstanding communication and professionalism became a common theme in the firm’s client reviews.

Google Reviews

You Benefit Without Effort

Your firm benefits, without effort. You just have to decide to let the machine do the work.

Automation and Getting More Out of a Click

We love the idea of accomplishing multiple tasks with a single act. For example, the act of clicking “Save” on a document saves it and also sends two emails and schedules three alerts.

The Suite is packed with powerful tools to automate your practice and otherwise make the practice more unified, structured and convenient. We are dedicated and will work with firms to deploy and develop Law Suite to ensure their success.